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Woodrow (Woody) Gelman

From the early 1950's to the late 1970's, Woody Gelman was the head of
Topps Product Development Department.


Prior to teaming with Sy Berger and designing the 1952 Topps Baseball Card set,
Gelman  was involved in the design and development of such characters as Nutsy Squirrel
and Popsicle Pete.     

He teamed with Wesley Morse to design and produce the Bazooka Joe
comics which made it's debut for Topps in 1953-54.    

Gelman teamed with Len Brown, Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Norman Saunders
to produce the 1962 Topps "Mars Attacks" trading cards.
Tim Burton would base his 1996 film "Mars Attacks" on this card set.