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Vic  Raschi
(The Springfield Rifle)

"My best pitch is anything the batter grounds, lines, or pops
in the direction of (Phil) Rizzuto."

1952 Topps Vic Raschi Card Front
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Vic Raschi was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts and was known as "The Springfield rifle".
Signed by the New York Yankees as an amateur free agent in 1941. A 21 game winner for three consecutive years, 1949, 1950 & 1951.

Became a part of one of the most feared pitching rotations in baseball history when teamed with Ed Lopat and Allie Reynolds.
Vic was never featured in a Topps card as he had an exclusive contract with Bowman, in which he appeared through and including the 1955 year.

Vic Raschi Photo


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