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Stanley Edward (Stash) Lopata

"The Lord gave me the ability to play baseball,
I tried to make use of everything He gave me."


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Originally signed by the Philadelphia Phillies as an amateur free agent in 1946, Stan Lopata was
considered a "can't miss" prospect by Phillies scout Eddie Krajnik.

Lopata was to become a member of the Phillies "Whiz Kids" who won the 1950 NL pennant.

In 1954, Lopata heeded the advice of Rogers Hornsby and adopted a crouch in his batting stance.
He determined that this enabled him to see the ball better and he would be a tougher target for pitchers.

Lopata adopted his low crouch batting stance in 1954

Stan played 11 years for the Philadelphia Phillies, 1948 through 1958.
He was traded to the Milwaukee Braves in March of 1959 and played the 1959 and 1960 seasons
for the Braves.

Stan Lopata appeared in most of the Bowman cards up through their last year of 1955.
His first Topps card was in the 1956 series cards.

1956 Topps Stan Lopata Card


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