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Have a player, team, or announcer in mind that you think should be included in the

"Cards That Never Were"?

You may be able to sponsor that card.


If you would like to "Sponsor" one of the "cards that never were" that are

shown on the home page or another player you have in mind that could have been included

in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set for use as a quiz prize, just send an email to:

Card Sponsor Inquiry

Maybe one of the players that have appeared on the website in the
"This Date in 1952 Topps Baseball Card Stars"


Your sponsorship helps to allow not only yourself,

but many other 1952 Topps baseball card fans the opportunity to see players portrayed

on a 1952 Topps style baseball card that they never thought possible.


(Card sponsorship can be made for as little as $95.00 (red or black back).


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