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1952 Red Man Tobacco Cards

Red Man Tobacco introduced the first tobacco baseball cards in over 30 years
 when they came out with their 1952 Red Man All Star Team Cards.

 1952 Red Man Baseball Cards Ad       1952 Red Man #23 Ted Williams Card   

 1952 Red Man #16 Stan Musial Card       1952 Red Man #12 Ralph Kiner Card   

 1952 Red Man #1 Casey Stengel Card       1952 Red Man #9 Nellson Fox Card   

 1952 Red Man #14 Sal Maglie Card       1952 Red Man Card Back

The players shown here did not appear in the 1952 Topps Baseball Card Set.
The 1952 Red Man Set consisted of 25 players and a manager from the American league and 25 players
and a manager from the National league. 52 cards total in the set. The then editor of the Sporting News,
J.G. Taylor Spink, personally selected the players that were to make up the set for Red Man Tobacco.

1952 Red Man Tobacco Mickey Mantle Card.

Typical Green Back of all 1952 Red Man Tobacco Cards shown.
Mail in 50 bottom stubs from cards and get a free Big League Style Baseball Cap.
Let's see, that's 20 cents a pack. You get 1 card per pack of chew. That means it takes 50 packs
to get 50 stubs. So for $10.00 spent on chewing tobacco, you could have enough stubs
to send in for the hat. These hats do appear occasionally in auctions. They will have
"Red Man Baseball Cap" printed on the inside of the hat.

1952 Red Man Baseball Cap Promotion
Original Red Man Baseball Cap with mailing envelope.

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