1952 Topps Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball    1952 Topps Baseball Cards    1952 Topps Baseball Cards Spinning Baseball



1952 Topps Cards on Display at Woolworths & Co. Store
A Woolworth store display announcing the new 1952 Topps Baseball Cards.


This 1952 Topps baseball Cards Wax Box with 24 individual
packs of cards sold for $208,740.00 at auction in 2004.

1952 Topps Baseball Five-Cent Wax Box Complete with Unopened Packs



84 ea. Unopened 1952 Topps Baseball Card Wax Packs

Your looking at 84 unopened packs of 1952 Topps Baseball Cards. These were all 1st series packs and had cards #1-80 possible.
Topps wrapped eight packs in a cellophane brick. There were six bricks each with 8 packs, plus the remaining 36 packs.
84 unopened 1952 Topps packs in all.With 5 cards per pack and one very old piece of gum.
Recently, a #1 Andy Pafko which was opened from a
1952 Topps Pack sold for $84,000. It was graded PSA10 Gem Mint.
Currently when these packs come up for sale (which isn't very often) they sell for $2,500.00 and up.


1952 Topps Baseball Cards empty 24 box case. This is how the Woolworths store
shown above would have received the cards to arrange their display.

Another view of the 1952 Topps Baseball Cards empty 24 box case.


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