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Harvey Haddix Jr.

"All I know is that we lost, what's so historic about that "
(Regarding his perfect 12 innings of pitching against the Milwaukee Braves and losing in the 13th inning. )


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Harvey Haddix will forever be remembered for pitching 12 innings of perfect baseball (no hits, no walks, no runs, no errors)
and losing the game in the 13th inning to the Milwaukee Braves.
The date was May 26, 1959 and the game was played at County Stadium in Milwaukee.

Haddix was nicknamed "The Kitten" because of his resemblance to another Cardinals pitcher, Harry "The Cat" Brecheen.

Less remembered was the fact that Harvey Haddix won game 5 as a starter for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960 World Series
against the New York Yankees and then turned out to be the winning pitcher in relief of game 7 when Bill Mazeroski
hit his dramatic 9th inning home run..

Although Harvey Haddix did not appear in the 1952 Topps baseball card set, he did appear in their 1953 set
appearing on card #273.


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