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Section of picture submitted by an anonymous web site viewer. Unknown location or date. 
Can you tell which two 1952 Topps baseball cards are shown in the gumball machine? Full picture as submitted shown below.


A couple of notes regarding this picture. I have already been informed by one astute website viewer that the car on the right is a 1953 Mercury.
If new car models came out in September, that would mean this photo was taken after September 1952.
Also, the sign above the gumball machine does not appear to be the same sign that Topps is known to have displayed in the larger cities.
That display is shown below:



Web site viewer Doug Williams has done some investigating on the original photo and emailed the following:

Agree that's a '53 Mercury on the right, with what I would say is a '48-'49 Hudson Commodore in the foreground.
The photo is of Main Street, Jefferson, South Dakota, current population, about 550.
There are leaves on the trees so it was likely taken in late spring or summer, probably, 1953.

Take a look at the url below - the gumball machine is not there!
The mystery is - was it photo shopped in or out? I would say it was not in the original photo, but it sure looks legit.
Had fun researching this! Doug Williams, FL.



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