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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

November 22
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 1

Lew Burdette* was born this day in 1926


November 22,
1954 Rule 5 Draft: 2

                          1952 Topps #90 Mickey Grasso Card
1) Pitcher Cloyd Boyer was drafted by the Kansas City Athletics from the St.Louis Cardinals in the Rule 5 draft.
2) In the Rule 5 draft, the New York Giants drafted veteran catcher Mickey Grasso from the Cleveland Indians.


     Events/Transactions: 4

1) Catcher Joe Tipton of the Cleveland Indians was traded for pitcher Joe Haynes of the Chicago White Sox
on this date in 1952 .

2) Pitcher Harry Byrd* was named American League Rookie of the Year on this date in 1952.
3) On this date in 1957, NY Yankees centerfielder Mickey Mantle was named
 American  League MVP.


4) The Houston Astros traded 3rd baseman Eddie Mathews to the Detroit Tigers for pitcher Fred Gladding
on this date in 1967.


Died: 1

Ken Wood died on this date in 2007.