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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

May 28
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 1

        1952 Topps #85 Bob Kuzava Card
Bob Kuzava was born on this day in 1923


Events/Transactions: 9
(Box scores provided by baseball-reference.com)

                    1952 Topps #33 Warren Spahn Baseball Card
1) On this date in 1951, Willie Mays, New York Giants rookie,  got his first ML hit, a home run off Boston Braves
pitcher and future HOF'er Warren Spahn. Boxscore


2) Of. Harry (The Hat) Walker* was signed as a free agent by the St.Louis Cardinals on this date in 1955.
3) On this date in 1956, Pittsburgh Pirate first baseman Dale Long* hit a home run in his 8th consecutive game,
setting a new ML record. Boxscore
4) Also in 1956 on this date, the St.L. Cardinals traded Dick Rand to the Pitts. Pirates for catcher Toby Atwell.


                       1952 Topps #79 Gerald Staley Card
5) Infielder Bobby Adams was released by the Baltimore Orioles on this date in 1956.
6) Also on this date in 1956, the Chicago White Sox selected pitcher Gerry Staley off waivers
from the New York Yankees.


7) On this date in 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers* and New York Giants* were granted permission by NL
owners to relocate their clubs to the West Coast.


1952 Topps #17 Jim Hegan Baseball Card                      
8) Catcher Jim Hegan was signed as a free agent by the Chicago Cubs  in 1960 on this date.
9) Also on this date in 1960, the St.Louis Cardinals traded pitcher Wilmer (Vinegar Bend) Mizell to the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Died: 1

1952 Topps #75 Wes Westrum Card
Wes Westrum died on this date in 2002