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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

May 15
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball cards.


Born: 1

Ed Wright was born on this day in 1919


Events/Transactions: 21
(Box scores provided by baseball-reference.com)

1) On this date in 1941, NY Yankee's Joe DiMaggio* singled and went 1 for 4 against
the Chicago White Sox. It was the start of DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak. Boxscore


 2) Pitcher Clarence (Cuddles) Marshall was purchased by the St.Louis Browns from the New York Yankees on this date in 1950.
3) Also in 1950 on this date, pitcher Bill Connelly* was returned by the Chicago White Sox
 to the Detroit Tigers from an earlier draft pick.
 4) On this date in 1951, the Detroit Tigers traded  to the Chicago White Sox pitcher Saul Rogovin for pitcher
Bob Cain



                     1952 Topps #101 Max Lanier Card
5) Ted Williams* hit his 300th  home run in a game at Fenway Park in Boston on this date in 1951. Boxscore
6) On this date in 1952,  Detroit Tigers pitcher Virgil Trucks pitched his 1st ML no-hitter. Boxscore
7) In 1953 on this date, the New York Giants released pitcher Max Lanier.


8) On this date in 1956, the Detroit Tigers traded outfielder Jim Delsing and infielder Fred Hatfield to the Chicago White Sox for infielders
Jim Brideweser*and Bob Kennedy, along with  pitcher Harry Byrd*
1952 Topps #77 Bob Kennedy Card      


9) Pitcher Jim Hughes* was purchased by the Chicago Cubs from the Brooklyn Dodgers on this date in 1956.
10) Also on this date in 1956, right-handed pitcher  Sal (The Barber) Maglie* was purchased by the Brooklyn Dodgers
 from the Cleveland Indians.
11)  The Cleveland Indians traded catcher Hank Foiles to the Pittsburgh Pirates for 1st baseman/outfielder Preston Ward*
also  on this date in 1956.


               1952 Topps #52 Don Mueller Baseball Card
12) Pitcher Dick Brodowski was traded by the Washington Senators along with Dick Tettleback to the Cleveland Indians
for outfielder Bob Usher on this date in 1957.
13) The Chicago White Sox released outfielder Don Mueller
in 1959 on this date.
 14) On this date in 1960, the Washington Senators traded infielder Ken Aspromonte to the Cleveland Indians for outfielder
Pete Whisenant*



     1952 Topps #23 Billy Goodman Baseball Card           
15) Catcher Myron (Joe) Ginsberg was released by the Chicago White Sox on this date in 1961.
16)  In 1962 on this date, infielder Billy Goodman was signed as a free agent by the Houston Colt 45's.
 17) Also on this date in 1962, left-handed pitcher  Joe Nuxhall was released
by the Los Angeles Angels  .
18) On this date in 1963, the Cincinnati Reds signed as a free agent, infielder
Daryl Spencer*


                     1952 Topps #64 Roy Sievers Card
19) Charley Maxwell, outfielder/1st baseman, was released by the Chicago White Sox on this date in 1964.
20) Also on this date in 1964, pitcher Chet Nichols was released by the Cincinnati Reds.
21) In 1965 on this date, the Washington Senators released outfielder Roy Sievers.

Died: 0