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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

May 13
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball cards.



Born: 2

       Cliff Fannin was born on this day in 1924              Dusty Rhodes* was born on this day in 1927


Events/Transactions: 11
(Box scores provided by baseball-reference.com)

1952 Topps #44 Con Dempsey Card
1) The Pittsburgh Pirates returned pitcher Con Dempsey to San Francisco in the PCL following
a previous purchase on this date in 1951.


     1952 Topps #38 Wally Westlake Baseball Card     1952 Topps #69 Virgil Stallcup Card 
2) Infielder Eddie Kazak and outfielder Wally Westlake were traded by the St.Louis Cardinals to the Cincinnati Reds 
on this date in 1952. In the four player trade, going to St.Louis were shortstop Virgil Stallcup and outfielder/1st baseman
Dick Sisler

    1952 Topps #113 Dick Sisler Card



           1952 Topps #104 Don Kolloway Card         
3) Catcher Ed FitzGerald was purchased by the Washington Senators from the Pittsburgh Pirates on this date in 1953.
4) Also on this date in 1953, infielder Don Kolloway was released by the Philadelphia Athletics.
5) On this date in 1955 at Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle clubbed home runs
from both sides of the plate for the 1st time in his career. Boxscore


6) Outfielder Hoot Evers was traded by the Cleveland Indians to the Baltimore Orioles for outfielder Dave Pope*on this date in 1956.
7) On this date in 1957, former Dodgers infielder Bobby Morgan was purchased by the Chicago Cubs from the Philadelphia Phillies.
8) Also in 1957 on this date, the Boston Red Sox released pitcher
Russ Meyer.


9) Slugger Stan Musial* of the St.Louis Cardinals got his 3,000th hit in a 5-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs
 on this date in 1958.  Boxscore
10) In 1959 on this date, outfielder Larry Doby was purchased by the Chicago White Sox
from the Detroit Tigers.
                        11) Also on this date in 1959, the Chicago Cubs signed as a free agent, pitcher Bob Porterfield.


Died: 1

Hal Gregg died on this date in 1991