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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

May 10
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball cards.


Born: 1

        1952 Topps #90 Mickey Grasso Card
Mickey Grasso was born on this day in 1920


Events/Transactions: 11
(Box scores provided by baseball-reference.com)

                        1952 Topps #95 Ken Holcombe Card
1) On this date in 1936, Joe DiMaggio* made his ML home debut at Yankee Stadium. "Jolten Joe" hit a home run
off George Turbeville as the Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Athletics 7-2.   Boxscore
2) In 1948 on this date, the Cincinnati Reds returned pitcher Ken Holcombe to Sacramento of the PCL.


           1952 Topps #107 Connie Ryan Card          1952 Topps #114 William Ramsdell Card
3) Catcher Walker Cooper was traded by the Cincinnati Reds to the Boston Braves
 for infielder Connie Ryan on this date in 1950.
4) Also in 1950 on this date, the Cincinnati Reds purchased knuckleball pitcher Willard Ramsdell from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

5) Outfielder Al Clark and infielder Lou Klein were traded by the Cleveland Indians to the Philadelphia Athletics on this date in 1951
for outfielder Sam Chapman**
6) In 1953 on this date, in a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies, catcher Roy Campanella drove
in 5 runs with a home run and 2 doubles.  Boxscore
The 5 RBI's gave Campanella a ML record 44 RBI's in the first 30 games played.

**1952 Topps card #391 of Ben Chapman actually portrays Sam Chapman. More Info. Here

The real Ben Chapman* on a 1952
Topps style card. Ben Chapman was a Cincinnati Reds coach in 1952.

           1952 Topps #80 Herman Wehmeier Card         
7) Pitcher Joe Dobson was released by the Boston Red Sox on this date in 1954.
8) The Detroit Tigers purchased pitcher Herm Wehmeier from the St.Louis Cardinals in 1958 on this date.
9) On this date in 1959, in a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Phil's Jim Hearn
allowed  2 earned runs before the game was suspended. Hearn was released by the Phillies on May 22nd. The game was completed
on July 21 and Hearn ended up being charged for the loss, two months after he retired.  Boxscore


10) Outfielder Bob Nieman* was traded by the St.Louis Cardinals to the Cleveland Indians in 1961 on this date.
11) On this date in 1970, in a game between the St.Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves, the Braves Hoyt Wilhelm became
the first pitcher to have appeared in 1,000 games.  Boxscore


Died: 1

Ken Trinkle* died on this date in 1976