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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

January 15
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 1

Steve Gromek  was born on this day in 1920


Events/Transactions: 5

) President Franklin D. Roosevelt** sent his famed "Green Light Letter" to Commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis**
on this date in 1942. The letter encouraged Major League Baseball to continue playing during WW-2.

** Franklin Roosevelt and Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis shown on 1952 Topps Look-N-See style cards.


                               1952 Topps #99 Gene Woodling Card
) Shortstop Roy Smalley was signed as a free agent by the Chicago Cubs  on this date in 1944.
In 1948 on this date, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded catcher Dixie Howell and outfielder Gene Woodling to San Francisco of the PCL .
(Woodling and Howell were 2 of 4 players the Pirates gave up for potential superstar Bob Chesnes)


4) On this date in 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers* signed a new 3-year lease
to play at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. The next year they would be playing at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.


5) On this date in 1964, future Hall of Fame centerfielder Willie Mays signed a $105,000 contract with the San Francisco Giants.
At the time, this was the largest salaried contract in Major League history.

Died: 2

Roy Hartsfield
died on this date in 2011                     Bill Glynn* died on this date in 2013