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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

February 27
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 2

           1952 Topps #15 Johnny Pesky Baseball Card                            1952 Topps #107 Connie Ryan Card
Johnny Pesky was born on this day in 1919                     Connie Ryan was born on this day in 1920


Events/Transactions: 2

1) On this date in 1907, catcher/pitcher Branch Rickey** was traded to the NY Highlanders by the
St.Louis Browns.

2) On this date in 1935, former Yankee outfielder Babe Ruth** was signed by the Boston Braves as a free agent.
Ruth had been released by the Yankees the previous day.

Branch Rickey and Babe Ruth shown on 1952 Topps Look-N-See style cards.


Died: 1

1952 Topps #37 Duke Snider Baseball Card
The Duke of Flatbush, Duke Snider died on this date in 2011.