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Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

February 17
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 2

            Red Barber* was born on this day in 1908             Jack Crimian* was born on this day in 1926

Events/Transactions: 3

1952 Topps Joe DiMaggio Card Front
1) On this date in 1943, the NY Yankees outfielder Joe DiMaggio* enlisted in the United States Army Air Force.


                    1952 Topps Satchel Paige Card Front
2) Pitcher Sam Zoldak was traded the Philadelphia Athletics to the St.Louis Browns on this date in 1944.
3) On this date in 1950, the Cleveland Indians released pitcher Satchel Paige*

2) Pitcher Erv Palica was traded by the Brooklyn Dodgers to the Baltimore Orioles on this date in 1955.
The Dodgers re-obtained 1st baseman Frank kellert*
along with $50,000 in cash for Palica.


Died: 0