1952 Topps Baseball Cards Spinning Ball    1952 TOPPS Baseball Cards   1952 Topps Baseball Cards Spinning Ball

Events for 1952 Topps Stars Occurring on This Day:

December 8
* Indicates players, teams or others that were not included in the original 1952 Topps baseball card set.


Born: 2

                               1952 Topps #3 Hank Thompson Card
      Sam Zoldak was born on this day in 1918             Hank Thompson was born on this day in 1925

Events/Transactions: 8

1952 Topps Connie Mack Card
1)  Philadelphia Athletics owner Connie Mack** sold Eddie Collins contract
to the Chicago White Sox for the hefty sum of $50,000 on this date in 1914.

** Connie Mack card designed by Keith Conforti.

1952 Topps #28 Jerry Priddy Baseball Card
2) The St.Louis Browns purchased 2nd baseman Jerry Priddy from the Washington Senators on this date in 1947.


          1952 Topps #66 Preacher Roe Card
3) 3rd baseman Billy Cox, infielder Gene Mauch*, and pitcher Preacher Roe were traded
 by the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Brooklyn Dodgers for Dixie Walker,
Vic Lombardi, and Hal Gregg on this date in 1947.


 1952 Topps #68 Cliff Chambers Card                    
4) Pitcher Cliff Chambers and catcher Clyde McCullough were traded by the Chicago Cubs to the
Pittsburg Pirates on this date in 1948 for Frank Gustine and pitcher Cal McLish*.


5) The Chicago White Sox purchased 2nd baseman Cass Michaels from the Philadelphia Athletics on this date in 1953.


1952 Topps #79 Gerald Staley Card                   
6)  Pitcher Gerry Staley and Ray Joblonski were traded by the St.Louis Cardinals
to the Cincinnati Redlegs on this date in 1954 for pitcher Frank Smith.


7) Outfielder Richie Ashburn was purchased by the New York Mets from the Chicago Cubs on this date in 1961.
8) In 1983 on this date, ex Yankee infielder  Bobby Brown* was chosen by AL
owners to be the American League president.


Died: 1

Dave Madison died on this date in 1985