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Charles Dillon (The old Perfessor) Stengel

"Managing is getting paid for home runs someone else hits."

1952 Topps Casey Stengel Card Front
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He started his ML playing career in 1912 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Other teams he played for (all National League) included
Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York , and Boston . Known as a scrappy player, Casey ended his playing days  in 1925 with
a .284 career batting average. Started his major league managing career in 1934 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
For the the next 9 years of managing in the NL, his teams finished no better than 5th place. Took over as manager of the
New York Yankees in 1949 and led them into the World Series. In his 12 seasons of managing the Yankees, Casey led them
to 10 AL titles and 7 world series championships. Finished his baseball career by managing the newly franchised
New York  Mets from 1962 through 1965. The Mets finished in last place during these 4 years. "The Old Perfessor" was
elected into baseballs Hall of Fame in 1966.

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