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Carl Anthony (Skoonj) Furillo

"We hated the Giants. We just hated the uniform."

1952 Topps Carl Furillo Card Front
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Carl Furillo played his entire career for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1946-1960. Also known
as "The Reading Rifle" because of his strong arm and that he came from the Reading, PA Interstate league. 
He once threw out by two feet at first base Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Mel Queen  after Queen had apparently singled into right field.
His nickname "Skoonj" came from the Italian word "skoongilli" (snail) and was based on his lack of speed.
Furillo appeared in the early '50s Bowman sets but did not appear on a Topps card until 1956.

1995 Topps Archives card of Carl Furillo. The card set  was issued celebrating
the 40th anniversary of the 1955 Dodger World Series championship.


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