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Louis Norman (Bobo) Newsom

"I don't go for strikeouts anymore, it doesn't get you anything"
Newsom discussing his pitching strategy before the 1946 season.


One of the most colorful characters to have ever played ML baseball. Bobo Newsom pitched 20 years
in the major leagues and had stints with 9 different teams.

Prior to sticking in the major leagues, Newsom won 30 games with the 1933 Los Angeles Angels
in the Pacific Coast League.

Newsom liked to talk about himself in the third person, which made it hard for sportswriters
to fully understand what he was saying. When Newsom suffered a broken jaw in a game that President
Roosevelt was attending, he stayed in the game and beat the Yankees with a 4 hit shut-out.
When reporters asked Newsom why he stayed in the game with a broken jaw, he replied:
"When the President comes to see Bobo pitch, Ol' Bobo aint a-gonna disappoint him"

Bobo Newsom was one of a very few pitchers that won over 200 games in the major's and
still lost more games than he won, winning 211 and losing 222.

1953 Topps Bobo Newsom Card

Newsom appeared in the 1953 Topps set when he was 45 years old.

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