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Robert Bernard Dillinger

"I was a good hitter and fielder, but to be honest,....I had a lousy throwing arm"

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Bob Dillinger could always hit. He never batted under .280 whenever he had over 50 at bats in any of his six big league seasons.
His carrer batting average was a very respectful .306. He led the AL in hits with 207 in 1948.
Dillinger also led the American League in stolen bases in "47, '48, and "49. He was on the 1949 American League All-Star team.

1949 Bowman baseball card of Bob Dillinger

One of the big questions regarding Bob Dillinger was why he never appeared in another ML game after batting .301
for the Chicago White Sox in 1951? From 1952 to 1955 he played for the Sacramento Solons, leading the PCL in hitting
with a .366 avg. in 1953.

Bob Dillinger was quoted as saying " I spent the 1952-1955 seasons in the Pacific Coast League where I moved to the outfield
and led the league in hitting with a .366 mark in 1953. I thought that would get me back to the majors, but it didn't work out.
I was 35, and probably too old. If I were in my twenties and put up those numbers, I might have made it back to the big leagues.

1953 Mothers Cookies Bob Dillinger #61 card.


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