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1952 Berk Ross Cards

1952 Berk Ross Wrapper
Complete 1952 Berk Ross Wrapper

Berk Ross issued another 72 card set in 1952, just as they did in 1951.
Unlike their 1951 set, the '52 set did not come as 2-card panels. They were issued
as single cards and enlarged to a 2"x3" format.

Key cards in the set besides Joe DiMaggio:

Jackie Robinson                   Ted Williams                     Willie Mays

|     1952 Berk Ross Unopened Pack
        Mickey Mantle                                 Unopened 1952 Berk Ross Pack  

Phil Rizzuto was shown in two different cards.
One was swinging a bat and one showing him bunting.
Ewell Blackwell and Nelson Fox cards had their Bios. printed
on the others card back.